Timmy's Greatest Hits is a fanmade CD featuring real and fanmade songs from The Fairly OddParents.

Songs on this CD

  1. The Fairly OddParents Theme Song (written by Ron Jones and Butch Hartman)
  2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (from "Christmas Every Day")
  3. Icky Vicky (from "Boys in the Band")
  4. What Girls Love (from "Love Struck")
  5. When Wishes Come True (from "Abra Catastrophe)
  6. Kids Just Being Kids (from "School's Out: The Musical")
  7. Adults Ruin Everything (from "School's Out: The Musical")
  8. Floating with You (from "School's Out: The Musical")
  9. My Shiny Teeth and Me (from "Shiny Teeth")
  10. If I Lived in TV (from "Channel Chasers")
  11. Gimme the Wand (from "Fairy Idol")
  12. Find Your Voice (from "Chip Off The Old Chip")
  13. Come On Now! (from "A Fairly OddProduction: Don't Do It, Denzel!")
  14. Not on the List (from "Merry Wishmas")
  15. Oh What Beautiful Weapons (from "Schools Out: The Musical 2")
  16. The Fairly OddTron (from the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour films and "The Timmy and Jimmy Power Series
  17. Real and Scary (from "Scary GodParents")
  18. Timmy TV Theme (from "Timmy TV")
  19. The Reprise Remix (from "School's Out: The Musical")
  20. The Fairly OddParents Theme Song Remix (written by Ron Jones and Butch Hartman)

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