This is the last episode of season 14 and the last episode written by That Gamer .


Timmy returns to the Glee Club only to find that it's being run by none other then "Weird Al" Yankovic. Of course, Timmy must over come to Glee-type episode problems, but with Polkas. And cows.

Songs and Parodies

  • TMZ by "Weird Al" Yankovic (Parody of ???)
  • Timmy & the Glee Club 2 Theme by That Gamer (Orignal)
  • Polakrama! by Weird Al Yankovic (Polka Meledy)
  • Fairy by That Gamer (Parody of "Misery" by Soul Asylum)


  • For the other half of this episode, Timmy is reffered to as, by everyone, "Weird Tim" Turner.
  • The word 'polka' is said 27 times.
    • Cosmo mentions it by quoteting: "That's a way moby... Darn it. Already used 27 times."
  • That Gamer himself appears.
  • This episode makes reffrences to "Back at the Barnyard," another show Al guest starred in (as himself as a horse).
  • This episode was terrible, but still one of the best episodes in season 15 because nobody carred about season 15 since Cookie Scouts ruined the ratings.

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