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The title card.

Timmy Hero is the 1st episode of Fairly odd Fanon 2, where Cosmo and Wanda are gone. After Timmy's fairys are gone he goes and finds a hobby where he and his friends (and enemys) can play on. Timmy finds a game called Timmy Hero (Priority of Guitar Hero) and finds out that his friends allready play Timmy Hero and they make a storyline to the game. A.J is the 1st boss of Timmy Hero and to win Timmy got 99% or more on the song Not Ready to Die. 2nd boss is Francis and Timmy got 90% on Raining Blood. The 3rd and final boss is Trixie Tang and Timmy got 100% on Through The Fire and Flames. Timmy finds out at the end that Trixie Tang was the best Timmy Hero player and Timmy had to get 100% on the rest of the songs to get a kiss from Trixie.


Timmy Turner



Trixie Tang

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