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Written by baudelairestitch
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Timmy Phantom is a Fairly OddParents fanfic.


When Timmy watches Danny Phantom on TV, he wishes that he has ghost powers. Ghosts are immune to magic, so Cosmo and Wanda instead poof Timmy a ghost portal so he can get powers the same way Danny did. When he finds that he can visit Danny’s universe through a secret passageway in the portal, he quickly leaves to find him. But in his hurry to see his idol, he leaves the portal open, so that anyone—or anyTHING—can get in, get ghost powers, or worse—find out about Cosmo and Wanda. 



  • Timmy
  • Cosmo
  • Wanda
  • Danny
  • Ember



Timmy: What? There must be some other way!
Cosmo: How did that kid get his ghost powers? He didn’t wish for them, did he?
Timmy: No.… That’s it! He has a ghost portal!
Cosmo: A go-schmortal? How’s THAT gonna help us?

(Wanda shakes her head and sighs.)

Timmy: No, Cosmo, a ghost portal! A portal between the ghost zone and the human world. He went inside and pressed the on button, and then he got ghost powers!

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