Timmy Turner Presents now How to Series is an animated cartoon short series based on The Fairly OddParents and Goofy shorts. It stars Timmy Turner and Vicky

Differences from FOP

  • No other character appears except for Timmy and Vicky.
  • All the other characters who appear as teammates or pedestrians are clones of Timmy and Timantha
  • Timmy's Oh Yeah! Cartoons counterpart has re-appeared as clones.
  • Backgrounds are very rich
  • Vicky is the only other character to appear (Appeared mostly on How to Babysit)
  • The only episode not to star Timmy (but clones of him and Timantha) is the short How to Babysit.
  • Cosmo clones also appear on the series
  • Timmy and Cosmo clones wear white gloves while Vicky doesn't


1. How to Skii

2. How to Play Boxing

3. How to Babysit

4. How to Play Golf

5. How to Annoy Vicky

6. How to Hunt an Anti-Fairy (First gloved appearance of Timmy)

7. How to Play Football

8. El Guacho Timmy (First episode not to bear "How to" on the title)

9. How to Ride a Horse

10. How to Play Baseball

11. Double Digits

12. How to Build a House

13. How to Build a PC

14. How to Setup a Home Theater

15. How to Sleep

16. How to Sail

17. How to Drive a Car

18. How to Fish

19. Timmy Gymnastics

20. How to Train a Dog

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