A song sung by Tootie, along with Veronica and Charlotte, in "Tootie's in Love".


Tootie: I’m sitting here…
All alone...
I have nobody
To call my own.
Veronica, Charlotte and Trixie: Ooh...
Tootie: So now I’m gonna tell you
How I feel.
I deserve love,
Not some raw deal!

(rap music starts)

I wanna feel the love!
I wanna feel it tonight!
I’m not gonna sit here
Like everything’s all right!
I’m not gonna take this sittin down!
There’s a pain in my heart, like something’s missin!
All this time, I’ve been here wishin'
When I coulda been kissin
The perfect guy!
So tell me why!
Veronica: (WHY?)

Tootie: Why must I be alone?
Am I not pretty?
Veronica: You are!
Tootie: Do I deserve love?
Charlotte: You do!
Tootie: So tell me why
I have to sit and cry!

I don’t have to take this!
I know I can break this!
I wish for love,
Shouldn’t be so hard!
I wish for love!
Because my heart feels charred!
I wish for love!
A gift from above!


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