Tootie: Every girl in SCHOOL has a boyfriend except me. Even...TRIXIE!
(Trixie and Remy walk by)

Tootie: Veronica, I'm cute, right?
Veronica: Yes, yes you are.

Veronica: Hey, new kid. What's YOUR name?
Terry: It's Ti--Uh...I mean TERRY. Terry Strong.

Tootie: [sighs lovesickly] He's so cute....

Tootie: I wish I had a boyfriend.
Timmy: That it? Well... You know, there MIGHT be someone who's waiting for a beauty like you, Toots.

Trixie: Well well well. Lonely-Ives over here has finally found a boyfriend.
Tootie: Oh, shut up.

Tootie: OH, COME ON! A.J. can get a girl, but I still can't get a GUY?!?

Timmy: (thinking) A boyfriend huh? I might be able to whip one up....

Tootie: (singing) Do I deserve love?
Charlotte: (singing) You do!

Terry: Why don't you come over to my party, Toots? There's a really special place I have in mind just for you.

Tootie: When Vicky comes back from teaching her karate class I'm SO rubbing this in her face.

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