A.J. accidently leaves his shrink ray in the Turner household. When the Turner's get hold of it, they wind up shrinking Timmy and his godfamily. Will they be able to return to normal size before they get stepped on?


A.J. is visiting Timmy at his house showing off his latest invention, a shrink ray. While visiting, he suddenly remembers an errand he has to do. He rushes out of the house forgetting his shrink ray. Mr. and Mrs. Turner find it and believe it is a toy ray gun. They decide to play "spaceman" to recapture their lost childhood. While Timmy is coming down the stairs with his goldfish bowl, a ray hits him and he, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof seem to disappear. The Turners think they have just disentegrated their son. Grief stricken, they go up the stairs. Unfortunately, Timmy and his fairies are barely one inch tall, and are on the stairs. Timmy screams to get his parents attention but he is too small to be heard. He narrowly escapes getting stepped on. In the meantime, it looks like it's raining on the staircase, but Timmy and his fairies realize it's his parents tears and they realize they think Timmy has been destroyed. Timmy then proceeds to make a wish to get them to normal size. However, during the course of them being shrunken, Cosmo and Wanda have dropped their wands. Poof's rattle is missing too. Timmy then says his signature line "What could possibly go wrong?" That's when a spider appears. Fortunately, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof can still fly. Finally after various adventures, (including being mistaken for flies by Mrs. Turner and nearly swatted) they get to the ray gun and reverse the procedure. The Turner's are happy to see their son and his goldfish returned to their normal size. Timmy says he'll return the shrink ray to A.J. but he just has to do one more thing. Cut to the next scene, and we see a cage with what looks like a doll. The camera closes in and we see it's actually Vicky in the cage.

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