(NOTE: This story ISN'T all about Wanda getting ill, it's all about she gets sick of the stunts)

Wanda Gets Sick is a 2010 The Fairly OddParents Go Looney Tunes Pilot.




1. The ACME Corporation Building is shaped like an Octagon, but when it returns to the scene, it's a box.

2. The Fortuna Associates is misspelled as "Fortuna Assocates" on the Dimmsdale Twin Towers building. (which will be reused in Stupor Cosmo at the main series.

3. When Wanda is about to paint a picture of Cosmo on a rock, the brush is colored brown, but it turns green as it gets painted.

4. In The Dimmsdale Twin Towers, Tower 1 has an antenna at first, but when it returns to the scene, it doesn't have the antenna anymore.

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