We Call it Maze! is an episode of Timmy and the Cockroaches


Timmy and Jack are jogging around the Dimmsdale Central Park. But due to its maze shaped layout, Timmy gets lost in the park. Timmy looks at the map of the park and tries to find Zack but he gets tired at once and sits on the bench to rest. A near by muscular man sits on the bench also and Timmy has already rested for just 3 seconds! A world record for that! But Timmy's hand has been sitten on by the man and asks the man to stand up. But instead of standing up, he squeezes his hand and ends up injuring Timmy's hand. Somewhere in the park, an old woman is feeding some birds. Scaredy eats the seeds while doing that Kenny and Joey steal the old woman's bag and hands it to Timmy. The old woman is angry to Timmy and Timmy holds up a sign saying "Not me!". But the old woman doesn't believe it and takes a blow on Timmy. Timmy resumes finding Zack but the roaches steal a little girl's ice cream and they gave it to Timmy again. As the little girl's mother is about to blow Timmy, Timmy holds up another sign "It's the roaches!" but the mother doesn't believe it again and punches Timmy.


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