What is the Fairly Oddparents?

It is a show that was created by Butch Hartman which airs on Nickelodeon. It has been on television since 1998 and has over seven seasons of episodes.

What is Fanon?

Fanon is a term referring to fan creations within the OddParents universe, including made up characters, fan fiction, and even the personalities of actual characters which have not been thoroughly developed in the canon of the show.

What is Canon?

Canon is actual material and information from the creators themselves. The canon of FOP, such as Da Rules in the show, are frequently changed for the sake of the episode plot.

What can I use this Wiki for?

Anything FOP related, really. If you want to create a character, such as a student at Timmy Turner's school or a new fairy, then this is the place. If you have written OddParents fanfiction, this Wiki is a great place to explain and expand the universe of your stories.

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