(The story starts in a therapist's office where Bucky McBadbat is talking to his therapist)

  • Therapist: So Mr. McBadbat tell me about you're childhood?
  • Bucky: Well I was born in 1961 and my parents were both Irish-Americans. My father was a smoker and a drinker. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 1979 and passed 6 months later. He was only 60. My mother was battling breast cancer, lung cancer, and lupus at the same time. She died a year or two before my father. I was living with my grandmother Millie after they passed.
  • Therapist: I see? Now about you're wife?
  • Bucky: Gosh. My wife Linda was born in 1958 and her father was from Ireland and her mother was an Irish-American. Linda's mother was 47 when Linda was born and her father was 50. Her father was a bad drinker and because of that, he would remain in bed and would wait for his wife and daughter to serve him. Linda's older sister Priscilla was already married by 1960. Linda's parents were nice people. Her father was a deep man and he passed from kidney failure in 2003. Her mother was a nice woman. Her parents divorced in the 80s and her mother moved to New York and worked in the Twin Towers. Ironically, Her mother Debbie was battling breast cancer and was in the hospital the day the attacks took place.
  • Therapist: I see. I see. How about Linda? Tell me more about her.
  • Bucky: Linda was a nice woman. Her family had problems and so did mine. Her parents were divorced in 1986 and she didn't speak to her mother again until 1999. Linda was very kind and generous. Linda thought she couldn't have children but we soon had baby Chester in 2000. Boy Chester looks so much like his mother. Linda and me divorced in 2003 shortly after her father's death and Linda dated a few men but she married again in 2007. 3 days after her marriage, Linda was shot to death outside of a movie theater...

(To be Continued...)

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