Episode 1


Timmy: Hello Dimmsdale! and this is Wipedout! I'm Timmy Turner and my co-partner Cosmo Cosma

Cosmo: Yes! now our obstacle courses for the qualifier are the break-away planks, big balls, log roll and finally, the fender-bender.

Timmy: Now this is Wanda the 45 year old fairy who's going to the course (Horn goes off)

Cosmo: There she goes and... now she's off her feet

Timmy: These Cosmo you would leap the starting ramp to the platform!

Cosmo: Yeah! Instead curly-hair girl ramped into the early bird hit replacement cycle

Wanda: I got it!

Cosmo: No! you don't have it yet Wanda. Because those are the breakaway planks!

Cosmo: One of those planks are thirdy and some...

(Wanda gets hit and falls to the mud)

Cosmo: Breakaway!

Timmy: Wanda... plastered by the planks!

Cosmo: That taken years take to her life, but the mud has taken years off her face!

Cosmo: Wanda's now out again as she just have to make it across the second set (Wanda falls) of planks...

Both: OOOOOHHHH! (Timmy laughs)

Cosmo: plastered by the planks again!

Cosmo: Now she's finally through that first obstacle. And heading towards the ramp to second... The bigs balls!

Wanda: I can't do it!

Cosmo: No argue about to jump Wanda! that's the job of the motivator!

Timmy: 45 year old Wanda making no signs! (Wanda hits and falls) the hit!... OOOOOHHH!

Timmy: Into the water!

Cosmo: Uhh? guess that was good but, that's the big ball wipeout. I don't kinda more!

Timmy: Now here comes Kimmy! wierd!

Cosmo: What's wierd?

Timmy: Look!

(Horn goes off)

Cosmo: Well Timmy sounds like there's a showdown on our hands and here comes Kimmy!

(Kimmy slips)

Timmy: Is there anything to do with that baby oil that you showed me earlier. Doesn't it?

Cosmo: Just because I have a 55 gallon of baby oil that I accidentally increaminated it on the entire ramping

Cosmo: Okay, let's have a quiz to Kimmy. What will she do?

A - Run Screaming in the Other Direction.

B - Grow Wings and Fly Across

or C - Wipeout!

(Kimmy hits and falls)

Cosmo: Why's the look-alike of you looks a-bit crazier

Timmy: Because it's time for the Big balls!

Kimmy: What am I suppose to do?

Tootie: Jump!

Cosmo: You're not the only one to move Kimmy! Meet the motivator! Now you need to move!

Cosmo: Now get out of the way uh-oh! (Kimmy gets hit by the motivator)



Timmy: The first victim of the motivator! I wanna know everything here!

Cosmo: Now Kimmy is on the rolling log and nothing happened!

Kimmy: What am I doing?

Tootie: Just jump!

Cosmo: Hey look! a deer

Timmy: And that's the animal that signs that there's no one jumping.

Cosmo: Now we're gonna (Hears Kimmy fall) we can't wait for Kimmy anymore. Sorry Dimmsdale!

Timmy: When we comeback, the second half of the qualifier! Who's gonna win a gaming console?

Cosmo: Find out when we come back on Wipedout!

Part 2

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